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A workshop for the Brevard Watercolor Society, Melbourne, Florida, is in the works.

More details and contact info to come.

I have heard that watercolor is the difficult medium. It is my hope this is true. This keeps it exciting and not for everyone. Learning starts with a stroke of the brush and a follow through, like the strum of guitar strings or the shooting of a basket. My classes begin with the basics of brushes, paints, and paper and move into that all important design and composition.

Watch how your painting will come alive when the foundation is exciting, abstract or otherwise. Each day different topics will be discussed or demonstrated. Personal expression is encouraged. Lessons are designed to explore color and compositional possibilities to spark ordinary subjects into eye catching visuals. Individual and group critiques will be given.  Dive right in. Ask questions. A casual friendly atmosphere makes the class a fun and rewarding adventure.

More below

Afternoon watercolor classes in

Sewickley, PA. 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

The Spring session begins soon.

Dragonwood is our studio

where we paint almost daily.

I have also been teaching watercolor classes with 

enough comfortable work

stations for 4 or less. Contact me or Sherrie if interested in joining or help organizing

a group.

Watercolor workshop September 19 - 22, 2016

At Ocala Hilton Convention Center

Ocala, Florida. Contact

352 637 4634

I have been invited to teach a

watercolor workshop, "Watercolor

Adventures", the week of June 20-24. 

Click on this link to view 2016 catalog

and see how wonderful Touchstone is.