Happy Dance

This is a break down of a painting I started for my

watercolor class from scratch. Normally I design my paintings digitally and pre draw the subject in advance

to save time when giving a demonstration.

I started by sketching some trees from a field  on to plexi- glass. I call this, "air tracing". Similar to layout or tracing paper, it allows me to design the painting's fondation. Once and for all I wanted to see which of my various reds is brightest. The strawberry shaped scrap paper became a dancing figure. I brought he leaves from my back yard knowing they would be added some how some way. They seemed to complete the composition.

Copyright © Ron Thurston. All rights reserved.

Beach Bum I was recently Invited by the Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society to demo. This was special, being I grew up in Western New York by the lake (Silver Creek) and It was good to be back home. For the demonstration I chose a seascape. The group asked many questions so I had to save the finishing sky wash for later.

I worked on this watercolor and tempera 17 x 22

at Painting Historic  Wheeling Weekend. Six of my students also did various downtown Wheeling scenes in WV. I wish you could see their results.

My painting drips indicate the paper was at an angle. This was done purposely to let the direction flow down with the light source from the upper left. The sky was filled in first to attempt the thrill of the dramatic clouds before continuing the rest of the scene.