Dragonwood is our studio

where we paint almost daily.

I have also been teaching watercolor classes with 

enough comfortable work

stations for 4 people. Contact me or Sherrie if interested in joining or help organizing

a group. ronthurston1@netzero.com

I have been invited to teach a

watercolor workshop, "Watercolor

Naturally", the week of July 9-13. 

The 2019 catalog is on line now.

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Afternoon watercolor classes in

Sewickley, PA. 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Winter session begins soon.


Watercolor workshop September 19 - 22, 2016

At Ocala Hilton Convention Center

Ocala, Florida. Contact Kimshields4fws@gmail.com

352 637 4634

Please bring a support board, gator board or plywood, etc. to adhere your paper to using clamps or tape.

Tables are provided but I recommend working on a slanted surface, approx. 30 -45 degrees.

Colors; from tubes. The list below is not mandatory. Substitutions are OK in most cases, I mostly use

Daniel Smith and Winsor & Newton.

Brushes; any watercolor variety including a 1 1/2" wash, a few  1/2" flats, rounds in various sizes.

I also use a 2" wash for larger shapes.

Paper is important; any brand that is 100% cotton rag. I use Arches or Kilimanjaro, 140 # cold press.

Watercolor blocks are good. Full sheets (22" x 30") can be cut into quarters. A sketch book, (any size),

Scrap paper for drawing. One painting per day? How fast are you?

Mixing palette; with large mixing areas. I use Robert E. Wood Palette. Other suggested palettes are

Tom Lynch, Skip Lawrence, John Pike, Frank Webb.

Also; 3B or softer pencils, paper towels or rags. Masking tape. Paper clamps (bulldog style).

1/2 quart or larger water containers. Reference material to draw from.

Optional; Plexiglas 8" by 10" and black grease pencil or china marker, for drawing and design lesson.

Any other; special tools you have picked up along the way. I see many are now using electronic devices or lap tops.

 I usually pre draw for my demos (to save time) and you  may do the same. Drawing skills are important but tracing or projecting is OK. Please keep your subjects simple. Students may choose from any subject, photos or sketches.

Demos will be given along with individual and group critiques. This is not an imitation workshop. Individual

personalities are encouraged. Lessons are designed to explore new color and compositional approaches that

will make ordinary subjects into exciting paintings.


Class Filled

A watercolor workshop at Roanoke, Va. June 25 thru Friday 28. Each day classes from 9:00 to 4:00 pm. A welcome  dinner is planned the night of Monday 24. 2302 Brandon Ave. SW Roanoke, Va 24015. Contact Jane Frank. More info to come.

​Due to Covid-19 a few of my workshops have been postponed. A list below shows examples of previous.

I will be available for workshops.

I hope it's true when they say watercolor is the difficult medium. This keeps it exciting and not for everyone. Practicing starts with a stroke of the brush and a follow through, like the strum of a guitar or the shooting of a basket. My classes begin with the basics of brushes, paints, and paper and move into that all important design and composition. Watch

how your painting, abstract or otherwise, will come alive when the foundation is exciting.

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